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‘Underdog’ Director on Casting Doh Kyungsoo as a Dubber “Noticed Him Since The Movie Cart”

Director Oh recalls the dubbing process of the movie “During the making of ‘leafie : a hen into the wild’ we also did pre-recording (with the voice actors) but because we made the conti (t/n short for continuity, a filming framework that showed the storyline sequences) in video mode so during the recording the voice actors are following the conti and couldn’t act naturally. The purpose of doing a pre-recording is to make the drawing matched the voice acting, in order to achieve that this time we changed the method, in which we only showed the character figure and did the recording without a conti, so that the actors could act more naturally. I think by doing that the actors could create the character on their own and from the director point of view it made the character become more alive”

On being asked of the reason behind the casting of the voice actors, the director answered “Doh Kyungsoo has caught my attention since the movie ‘Cart’. In that movie, the acting Doh Kyungsoo showed through his eyes look very awesome and brilliant. He is really good at acting. He has caught my eyes from the very beginning.”

note : some parts of the article that are not related to kyungsoo are omitted
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