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During the hand printing event, Doh Kyungsoo said “A newcomer award is something you can only receive one in a lifetime. I took this award as a meaning for me to work harder, and I will put on more effort”. Last year, Doh Kyungsoo weren’t able to receive the award directly since it’s overlapped with EXO Concert. Remembering that day, he remarked “At that time I was in the middle of doing EXO’s concert in korea. It was nearing the end where from the in-ear I heard “breaking news, Doh Kyungsoo has received male newcomer actor award from blue dragon film award”. I received congratulations from thousands people in the concert venue, and I’m so happy that I cannot express it with words. The members congratulated me too, I remember receiving a microphone in the place of the trophy and I said my winning speech in that place. Thankfully, I was able to said my winning speech in the award event while presenting an award with Shin Hakyun senior although it was a little bit late.”

Doh Kyungsoo picked ‘a possibility to keep taking challenge’ as the meaning of the male newcomer actor award, he said “I do think that I’ve received acknowledgement by getting this award, however I truly took the meaning of this award as ‘keep challenging things, kyungsoo-ya’. In the future I will try many things and keep working hard to show you a better side.”

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