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PD So Jaehyun of Olive drama 'Dear My Room' talked about the cameo filming "For (Nam) Jihyun we matched the filming time with her school time while for Doh Kyungsoo, since he was very busy with EXO and 'Swing Kids' promotion we only asked for a voice cameo at first. But he said that if he's going to do it then he will make the time for it. We've filmed the cameo scene after the right time is found. The cameo scene is one and half page long. It's quite long, they're not appearing for a short time. I think it will be like a present for '100 Days Husband' fans. It will serve as a fan service to the fans by showing them in a modern setting, and it will blend well with the drama too."

source : https://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1096350
repost / translating to other language is permitted with credit to @dyororo_