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2016 Max Movie February Issue Interview - The Fearless Doh Kyungsoo

Max Movie Magazine Febuary 2016 issue
2016 Rising Star - The Fearless Doh Kyungsoo

Q. Aren't you very busy these days? balancing between being an actor and a singer doesn't seem easy.
A. It's difficult like catching two rabbits. there are no separate efforts to balance those two. in a way, when i look at EXO's D.O. i think it's also a character. so, i think this person doh kyungsoo is acting as singer d.o. and also as an actor i act a character from a work.

Q. You have high visibility and also popularity so you seem to focus on commercial work and also major character. however you don't seem to mind the size of the work, this idea came when you even did a cameo performance unexpectedly.
A. I don't really mind what kind of character i get myself into. first i read the scenario and fall into that character. if it doesn't match quickly with my insides. i think about how should i audition for the role. my method is that i have to had the heart to really want to act this character.

Q. Of all the characters you have played until now, 'cart' taeyoung, then 'i remember you' lee junyoung, and 'it's okay that's love' han kangwoo, it's full of modern society pathology, and they have their own sad story. But it seems like there are no intersection between doh kyungsoo and all the characters?
a. Actually right now rather than making something to potray the character, i show a side of my inner self to the audience through the character. of course to potray the characters i deliberately created something but i work to make a contact in the middle between doh kyungsoo and the characters. i did that with kangwoo and taeyoung, there are dark sides in my mind that i think can overlap with these characters. instead, the beomsil character from 'pure love' is more difficult to do.

Q. It's surprising
A. Right now i'm twenty four years old but beomsil is seventeen years old. it's difficult to express a teenager brightness and innocennce. at first i can't really rememeber memories and things from the past. then i think a lot about how was i as a seventeen year old and how was my memory about my first love back then. when i think about my emotions back then, that's how i acted beomsil but with careful and wonder. i wonder if the audience can see that beomsil is really a seventeen year old through his actions and words.

Q. Your appearance look like a seventeen year old though, do you find any difficulties with your appearance?
A. When i'm required to act cute. i really cannot do it.

Q. So you have a masculine side? but when we did the photoshoot with bad boy concept you seem to be embarassed
A. Um, i don't really know things about 'masculine'. whether it's a quiet man or a tough man. i can't feel what kind of manly side i want to show yet. i'm gradually working to find it (laughs).

Q. When acting you don't seem to express big emotions. ironically, when you act we can feel a special empathy and humanism through your eye gaze.
A. Ah, you see it correctly! that is me. all my life i never experience explosive emotions for once. on the inside i'm exploded but i didn't show it outside. i continue to push it inside.

Q. If that so wouldn't you get many stress from it?
A. I received a lot of stress but little by little i forgot about it. it seems to go into my unconciousness. however when i act sometimes those unconciousness shows (laughs).

Q. It looks like the scene where taeyoung screamed suddenly beside his mom in 'cart' is the most explosive scenes.
A. True. this sounds thoughtless but i never screamed like that since i was born so it was difficult.

Q. When your mom hit your ear three times (in the movie), is it a problem empathizing with it?
A. I had help of course (laughs) yeom jungah sunbae hands are very hot. hahaha.

Q. Didn't you also got hit a lot by kim heewon-ssi?
A. I think untill now it doesn't seems like i'll get his less. kim heewon sunbae was very considerate in doing it. rather than the person who got hit, the person who hit have it harder, i feel it at that time. i want to hit too, i wonder how it feels like.

Q. Through the works, do you find new exciting experience?
A. I found it while doing the work, like 'there are feelings i didn't know'. at first i didn't have the feeling of 'crying'. when i watch sad movies too, i don't really cry. however when finishing 'it's okay it's love' and during the wrap-up party i saw and greet writer noh heekyung i suddenly feel the 'crying' feeling naturally inside. the thought 'ah, so the feeling is like this' came. from that moment when i act i can cry well.

Q. Do you have any other feelings that is realized in other work?
A. There's one in 'pure love'. there's a scene where i got mad at father, i feel like i'm really angry and in that moment i feel dizzy. i'm not joking, untill the third or the fourth take my body suddenly feel heavy. my pupil dilated and i was very surprised so i told lee eunhee director that i feel weird. because the staff massaged me for 10 minutes the weird feelings were released but looking back at that time i think i wasn't angry but i was feeling mad. at that time one thing i feel and it was pressure.

Q. Truthfully, if we're talking about a madness character isn't it lee junyoung from i remember you?
A. haha true. i want to act a character that emits madness. (showing his handphone background) like heath ledger's joker from the dark knight movie! i want to try noir and fantasy-like movies too, right now i have a greed to try all.

Q. Untill now you have starred with many older actors
A. In 'pure love' where i act as the main lead i work with actors around my age.i didnt know the weight of a lead role when i was filming the movie. when i finished it, i filmed 'brother' with jo jungseok and then i know about it. in 'pure love' between the five of us i was the oldest. so i talked a lot with the four actors in the movie. i think all of us got close naturally and match each other well. to think the five of us as friend we go fishing and went to the sea together, those are the effort we made to get close.

Q. As an actor do you remember the first time you're in front of camera?
a. it's different between when i first filmed 'cart' and when i first filmed 'it's okay it's love'. in 'cart' i was filming with friends at school so i think "whoa so this is how it turns out, it's really fun" meanwhile when i first filmed 'it's okay it's love' i think 'it's a failure'"

Q. What was the first scene that you filmed on 'it's okay it's love'?
A. I said "writernim, i wrote this novel, please read it!" and then runs. when i look at it i was not natural and it was visible that i was nervous. i feel more nervous because i was together with jo insung hyung. on the second filming it was a scene where i was at a toilet and seeing insung hyung urinating, at that time i was very nervous and i sweat a lot (laughs)

Q. Let's talk about another things. as a twenty four year old youth, how is doh kyungsoo right now?
A. I think because i went into social life faster i heard people around me said i'm like an old soul. recently i really feel 'the more you know the harder it gets'. of course i got a lot of help but i also want to feel like my age. still if you look at the big picture, i think i flow well. i'm doing my best on that.

Q. Except acting, is there anything you find exciting?
A. Right now there isn't. because actually i don't have that much time. at least when i'm talking to somebody i feel that it's comfortable and exciting. when i look at it, when i talk i can feel anger, sad, and happiness. i like it that i can feel those feelings.

Q. What kind of actor do you really want to be?
A. Rather than a specific kind of actor i want to be a great person. recently i watched the 'revenant : the man who came back from the dead' and i think leonardo dicaprio in that movie is very great. although being great like that is kinda abstract, i desire more to be a great person no matter who saw me. i don't know if i can be like that but it's my goal.

Q. You have a lot of movies this year
a. the first one to be released is 'pure love' and then it's 'brother'. i think from these two works i can show many different sides, i also anticipated it.

Q. From looking at recent articles, it seems like you did dubbing?
A. Ah! underdog! it's a new animation directed oh seungyun director. i played the character of an abandoned dog muungchi and did voice acting of a dog. (smiled) recently i also did voice recording. they take a shoot of my face expressions while acting and from there they match my voice and draw a picture, it's amazing.

Q. Then there are no telescript ?
A. Its just, even if i only saw the rough sketch right now i think it's gonna be good. moreover that dog look like me.

Q. The appearance?
A. Wait a minute (finding muungchi picture in his phone and show it to us) we're really look a like right?

Q. Strangely it's really (laughs) then we're anticipating this more
A. When you're doing usual acting your face got shown but since with voice acting it's another dimension. there are really lots of acting techniques to be learned.

Q. What's the three words that comes to your mind about the start of 2016?
A. Politeness, natural and health.

Q. What do you mean by natural?
A. me. a natural person doh kyungsoo. natural meaning to not do something with a deliberate purpose or something artificial.

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